Women Who Print

Welcome to the online exhibition ‘Women Who Print’ with Pauline Hughes, Sue McLaren and Naomi Munuo, three diverse artists brought together by a huge passion for print!

Determined that the exhibition should go ahead they decided that if people could not come to Editions to view the artwork then they would bring the gallery to us.

Each has created twenty beautiful and individual postcard sized artworks priced at £25 including postage.

Access to the exhibition pieces for Naomi Munuo, Pauline Hughes and Sue McLaren by clicking on their names or following the links below,  where you can view each artists work and learn more about them through their bio’s. Then simply click on the Add to Cart button and follow the payment instructions. All proceeds from sales will go directly to their nominated charity or organisation.

We hope you will enjoy the exhibition as much as they have enjoyed planning and working together over the last few weeks. One day lets look forward to meeting them in person in the gallery!

Thanks to Mal from T34 Design for organising this on line show and don’t forget Editions is open for framing by appointment on line or within the gallery itself!

Olwen McLaughlin


Women Who Print