The Domino Effect

Lost and found artwork from one of the oldest galleries in Liverpool

The concept is simple – prove a piece of work is yours and take it home or donate it.

The work comes from the Domino Gallery, which has sadly closed it’s doors after it’s final show.

James Murphy, the shows curator, loved the gallery and has celebrated this and the life of Felicity Wren its owner, in this exhibition The Domino Effect which opens on Thursday 29th July.

James based this final project for his masters in Documentary Filmmaking from John Moores University on the Domino gallery and we are delighted to host this interesting project to return the 82 artworks left in James care to their owners or if this can’t be done to re-home them at the end of the exhibition on 12th August.

This exhibition features a range of work in different styles and promises to be a very interesting evening.

Join us from 5pm – 8pm, this Thursday, 29th July for the ‘grand’ opening.