Steve Strode – The Little Picture Show

‘Art is the giving of each person’s evidence to the world, a trace of their engagement. There have always been artists who have found the simple life all about them, the wonderful and the beautiful, and through this inspiration sensed a way to interpret that into what we know as art.’

Robert Henri

I have no genre or speciality to speak of, I’m drawn to paint anything that attracts me. I don’t like to tie myself to any one subject or way of working, every subject is there to be ‘seen’, and it’s up to the painter to realise this in paint. I think ‘seeing’ a potential picture is much harder than painting one.

This ‘seeing’ provides a starting point for my painting, but I don’t have a clear concept of a finished image; I repaint and edit as I go until it interests me. After all, if I don’t find it interesting, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to.

I work mainly from life, but I also compose ideas from photographs. With these ideas I try to express what I’ve ‘seen’ and go beyond the surface to realise rather than copy the image.

Steve Strode – August 2020