Peter Blake

From August 24th-11th September.

Peter Blake will be forever associated with the Beatles, Sgt. Pepperand pop music iconography, So as the Mathew street festival comes around it seems like a good time for Editions to exhibit a wide range of his limited edition prints some of which are becoming rare and quite sought after.

Since his emergence in the early 60s as a key member of the burgeoning Pop Art movement, Peter Blake has been one of the best-known British artists of his generation and was knighted four years ago. His 1961 Self-portrait With Badges, where he stands in his denim jeans and jacket, wearing Converse trainers and holding an Elvis album, is one of the iconic images of the time, but Blake’s reputation from the outset, reflecting his broad art education, was based on working across media. He has produced collage, sculpture, engraving and printmaking, as well as commercial art in the form of graphics and, notably, album covers, significantly, his design for The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s in 1967.

Light and humorous his work reflects his interests in pop media and ephemera that we also find familiar and compelling.

Sir Peter Blake RA

Born: 25 June 1932, Dartford, Kent, UK
Elected ARA: 25 April 1974
Elected RA: 24 March 1981
Category of Membership: Painter