Pauline Hughes

Formerly a sculptor in clay I have now fully embraced the printmaking process and made it the central means of expression in my work as an artist.

Head 01


Head 05


Head 09

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Head 02

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Head 06

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Head 15

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Head 19

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Head 04

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Head 20


I find the speed at which I can now work hugely liberating and by using materials that are readily to hand, found the confidence and freedom to endlessly experiment. In addition to this the mutability of a print adds another exciting element to the working process with the ability to cut, rearrange, shift and add to the surface before the final image is decided on. This way of working is in complete contrast to the slower, more meditative process of hand building in clay that once completed is, so to speak set in stone.

There remains one vital connection between both practices and it is the exploration of the human form with a particular focus on the head. However, I have found that it is print more than any other process that allows the intense dialogue with the surface required to create pieces that have a strong, physical presence and emotional narratives.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces all proceeds will go to the charity ‘Sightsavers’. This is a charity my mum supported throughout her life, dedicating hours of her own time to organising fundraising events. In some small way I would like to carry on her work.