Strange Magic - Paul Romano

Old into New – Paul Romano

7th October to 10th November in our Cook Street gallery

We are delighted to show Paul Romano’s new works as part of our regular winter exhibition with him at Editions Gallery.

Romano is an established artist working in Liverpool. In his latest exhibition – ‘Old into New’, Romano has pursued the idea of reworking earlier compositions celebrating his return to the shared studio environment and reflecting a clarity that has developed over the last twelve months.

His paintings have an emotional immediacy that is completely engaging and yet continues to reward further analysis. His use of colour, texture and composition is assured and considered.

Paul Romano said of this exhibition,

“This current work is based on the idea of simplifying old imagery. I looked at some of my earlier paintings and they now looked too busy and maybe unfinished.

Five pieces from this show are totally reworked and I felt pleased about this and it put me on a path to create a series of paintings which you can see in this show.

I really enjoyed doing this new work, because it was done in a studio environment, something I was glad to get back to and I hope my use of composition, colour and creative freedom, comes across as a statement in itself.”