Naomi Munuo

Autobiographical references run through my body of work, using still life as a means to replicate scenes familiar to me, with interpretations of sculpture bringing an element of the unexpected.

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Naomi 14

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Since early childhood I have been fascinated by my father’s sculptures and sculpture from a diverse range of cultures and historical perspectives. Captivated by my mother’s colourful abstracts I explore the history of modern painting which is a constant source of inspiration.

Creating a frisson between spontaneous, expressive gesture, joyful colour harmonies and compositional structure is my artistic intention whilst narrating the drama which exists in the relationship between the object and its environment. I am keen to capture the essence of form using richly textured, irregular shaped layers and surfaces. Texture is created using mixed media in many of my works which has over time included print and textiles in a range of forms. More recently I have taken inspiration from my painted and mixed media compositions and re-created them in the form of screen prints.

Arabic Gum Mono Prints are my latest exploration, transferring reduced images from my portfolio to postcard size. This year I am delighted to be involved in the Women Who Print Exhibition at Editions Ltd, celebrating female creativity through print processes. Over the years I have enjoyed collaborating with other artists as it brings challenge, mutual support and excellent companionship.

All proceeds from my postcard prints will go to the NHS to support the essential work they are doing to protect us all at this uncertain time.