Inside Out from Vegas to Wales by Linda Alterwitz & Ruth Thomas

Private viewing Thursday 19th April – 12th May from 17:30 – 20:00.

American artist Linda Alterwitz and British artist Ruth Thomas last exhibited together in London, UK, over twenty years ago. Since that time, they have followed the threads of their ideas independently. There are however, current similar themes occurring in each artist’s work.

Both Alterwitz and Thomas draw inspiration from their immediate environment. Thomas’s collagraph prints reflect the rural area in Wales in which she lives, using natural materials and organic structures. Alterwitz incorporates photographs of her surroundings and her work reflects her more urban experience. The work is also tied together by their individual explorations into the world of science. While Alterwitz delves into the connections to contemporary culture by combining photographic layers of recognizable landscape with microscopic cellular imagery, Thomas investigates the natural world.

Twenty years ago, both artists were newly out of art school and beginning their careers. They shared a studio space at Ladylodge Arts Centre, in Cambridgeshire, England for two years and exhibited their work together in Peterborough and London. After visiting each other in the summer of 2010, and reviewing each other’s current works, they both thought it appropriate to weave those threads together in a new joint exhibition.