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Our iconic home

Peter Ellis’s iconic buildings shocked Victorians with his bold use of modern methods and materials. His use of glass and cast iron anticipates many of the design features of the 20th Century “skyscraper”.


Oriel Chambers (1864) and Cook Street (1866) are the only known, surviving examples of his work.

Read In the Footsteps of Peter Ellis: Architect of Oriel Chambers and 16 Cook Street, Liverpool by Graham Jones and Robert Ainsworth which is always in stock in our gallery!

“It is not unreasonable to call the work of the great engineers the truly creative architecture of the nineteenth century…”

 “The Praise accorded to Peter Ellis in the twentieth century stems not so much from the fact that he combined puting up structures with putting on styles, in other words, not that he simply combined the role of the engineer with the role of the architect, but from the fact that he put up structures and established an appropriate and rational style, if the word style is appropriate in such a context.the word “aesthetic” is possibly more fitting and Ellis’s achievement is one of altering the role of the architect.”

Fiona Ward 1990