50 at £150 by SK Stevens

Until 10th August.

After 2 successful solo shows at Editions Gallery S.K.Stevens returns with a new collection of 50 paintings created especially for this show.

“I was born in Liverpool, and went to school and university here , I then went on to Goldsmiths college London to study for a P.G Diploma and a Masters Degree in art Psychotherapy. I exhibit my work across the country,including Liverpool , Betws -y -coed , Keswick,  Berwick upon Tweed ,St ives and several places in between.

This collection of 50 paintings, all 20cm x 20cm acrylic, was a challenge I set myself with no plan of what I would paint , no titles to work to, no idea if I could do it in the time frame I had and  trying not to be overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead. I just painted,and painted ,and painted, one  at a time, then signed it and put it out of sight. Then face a new blank canvas with no thought of what had gone before or what was coming next . Even more intriguing in this concept is the fact I will not see the final effect and the images together until opening night at Editions.

For several years I have been working on very large canvases, so to return to a format so small was going to bring different ways of working and thinking .The starting point was thinking back to the first painting I ever had in a gallery which was in st ives , Cornwall . It was just 20cm x 20cm and with that feeling and memory in mind I wanted to see what I could do 15 years on.

Throughout the process I wanted each painting to have its own identity, to have an intensity,  and a sense of place that the viewer could engage with. The images have an immediacy which makes them attractive at first glance but beyond which lies an emotional depth and complexity. I aim to capture merely a moment but hope to tempt  the onlooker to engage with the varying colours and images and spend time to make it their own .