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Sea Sails and Souvenirs - Julia Midgley - Oscar Godfrey

4th May - 3rd June


oscar godfrey at editions 2017




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Oscar Godfrey studied at The Glasgow School of Art (2004-2008). His work has been exhibited at STCFTHOTS - Leeds, Caustic Coastal - Manchester, The Walker Gallery - Liverpool, The Centre for Contemporary Art - Glasgow and is a guest lecturer at John Moore's University. His subjects vary from the mundane to the bizarre, from imagination to direct observation, tending to manifest in series or groups of paintings. Often dealing with simplified or stereotypical imagery his work emphasises the unique romantic object status of the painting in contemporary culture. This exhibition features his recent paintings of America's Cup Yachts.

Although drawing is the bedrock of Julia Midgley's practice she is an active printmaker. Her images in general reflect the notion that truth is stranger than fiction. All the characters, memorabilia, and observations illustrated in the works stem from sketchbooks full of drawn souvenirs. For example "Flights of Fancy" is dominated by a Viking gathering, whilst a rocket preceded by a flying rabbit passes by. This image stems from the launch of "Valhalla" a ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach where Julia was Artist in Residence.
Julia is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, R.E. and was elected Associate Member of the Royal Watercolour Society A.R.W.S. this year.Julia's etchings have frequently been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art's Summer Exhibition.


julia midgeley at editions 2017

julia midgley at editions 2017

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