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Veronica Cay • Pauline Hughes - Making Connections...

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veronica cay at editions 2018


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When we were discussing the possiblity of an exhibiton of new work from Pauline Hughes during the Liverpool Biennial, we asked if she would like to feature compilmentary work from another artist in her network . We had taken this approach before with Pauline and had a fantastic mixed show that really worked as a single narrative. Pauline immediately suggested Veronica (Ronnie) Cay, an Australian artist who's work we saw inhabited the same emotional landscape as Pauline's. Undaunted by the distance Ronnie agreed to show a selection of her work at Editions in her first UK exhibition.

The work from these two amazing artists is sure to deliver a show that is more than the sum of its parts. We can't wait to display the work and I'm sure you will love it.

"The pieces in this collection started life as a series of ink drawings and my consequent desire to capture them in clay. I was initially inspired by Picasso's printmaking and more recently Rembrandt's etchings and have adopted the vigour and energy of this process and applied it to the clay to create highly expressive, tactile surfaces that shift from the unrestrained through to the finely controlled. The resulting faces are rich in character and have their own highly individual presence. These heads continue my exploration of the figurative and how its enduring presence in art continues to engage us both visually and emotionally."

Pauline Hughes

"'Drawing and sculpture is a very physical process for me – it is a daily practice where I seek connections, test my resilience and acknowledge my own frailties. my work is about opening conversations and distilling experiences through marks that can be revealed across the surface, utterances that can be swift and staccato in sound and rhythm or fluid and generous in their tone, substance, texture and form."

Ronnie Cay


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pauline hughes at editions 2018

veronica cay at editions 2018

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